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Kenmore & District Community Council

Covering Kenmore, Acharn and immediate area

Kenmore and District Community Council
Kenmore Reading Rooms
26th October 2023

AGM and meeting minutes

  1. Present

KCC Members - Peter Ely, Carol May, Colin Morton, Alex Low, Shirley Shearer, John Iddon,

Xander McDade (PKC)

Members of the local community – Stuart Arnott, Susan Duncan Miller

No representatives from Protect Loch Tay were present.

  1. Apologies

Kerry Orr, Mike Williamson, and John Duff

  1. Declarations of interest


  1. Previous Minutes

Minutes approved – proposed by Shirley Shearer and seconded by Jon Iddon.

  1. Matters arising.
  • Road Repairs – new sub group formed to take issues forward.  Group comprised of John Iddon, Kerry Orr, Carol May and John McGarry
  • Roads plus all other items covered in current agenda and detailed below.
  1. Finance

Accounts approved subject to audit as per AGM minutes dated 26/10/23.

  1. Planning

Nothing has been received from PKC to review recently.

Castle ‘Back of House’ development is likely to be the next application but this has not yet been submitted.  Details of these plans were not covered in the marketing information recently circulated by DLC.  It is thought that only confirmed/approved plans are shared in the marketing material.

Stuart Arnott asked whether the Master Plan that DLC has agreed to publish will only include details those plans for which permission has already been granted.  Following the public meeting in Aberfeldy there is an expectation that the term ‘Master Plan’ would outline DLC’s intentions for the development ie including those for which planning permission has not yet been applied for/granted.

It was agreed that there may be some discrepancy over how the term ‘Master Plan’ is interpreted by the various interested parties.

Xander McDade confirmed that he and John Duff are pushing DLC to share their overall plans (as agreed at the public meeting).  It is thought that DLC are currently focussing on completing work on the Castle and less attention is being given to the longer term plans.  Stuart Arnott queried the appearance of a large track that has appeared in Glen Lyon heading towards Schiehallion.   Xander confirmed that DLC has been in discussion with PKC about a number of tracks and believes that this one has also been covered but was unable to confirm without checking.  It is expected that any track work will be to either improve current tracks or they will be returned to previous state after works have been completed.

Susan Duncan Miller raised the claim in the marketing material that the 145 houses being built on the estate will house families.  If this is the case will Kenmore Primary school be able to cope? Xander confirmed that using the PKC formula it is expected that 145 houses would equate to 39 additional children of school age.  This is seen as a positive thing for Kenmore school and much better than the typical problem of rural schools where attendance figures are generally in decline.  Kenmore Primary will be supported by PKC to accommodate any increase in attendance.

It was agreed that the castle development will undoubtedly bring challenges but there will also be positives.  DLC has proved to be a good local employer and pays all local businesses promptly.  It has offered compensation to some parties that were adversely impacted by previous attempts to develop the castle and it is supporting the school.  None of these aspects are being advertised by DLC.

DLC has invited local Kenmore residents to an update meeting on 2 November at the Kenmore Sports pavilion.  Attendance is limited to 2 per household.  Residents of Acharn and Ardtalnaig have not been invited (apart from the Duncan Millers).  It is understood that this was an oversight and will be addressed as Acharn and Ardtalnaig are both part of the KCC district.

  1. Taymouth Estate, Kenmore and Loch Tay

Colin Morton provided the following update:

  • KCC subgroup meets with DLC every month.  Minutes of these meetings (including the most recent in Sept) are published on the KCC website.
  • Joint meetings are also held on a quarterly basis with DLC and 6 local CCs (Kenmore, Killin, Glen Lyon & Loch Tay, Aberfeldy, Dull & Weem, Strathtay & Mid Atholl).  The meetings are viewed as being very constructive and all CCs are generally supportive of the development and see it as positive.  It is expected that there will be more combined projects in the future.
  • Quarterly newsletter will be distributed via Royal Mail to 2,000 recipients.  The first edition has recently been circulated.
  • Castle due to open April 2024
  • 21 restoration projects are underway in conjunction with ‘Historic Scotland’
  • 145 properties due to be built.  This number is unlikely to change.
  • Golf course - grass has been sourced locally.  It has not been imported from the US as per speculation.  Irrigation system is state of the art to reduce environmental impact.  Covered with 12 inches of sand to optimise performance.
  • Core Paths – working with Ramblers Association to ensure best practices in terms of reinstating and using standard signage.  Local representatives of Ramblers Association are involved to ensure full understanding of Access code.  DLC want to be viewed as a responsible land owner.  Susan Duncan Miller queried whether the Ramblers Association is the best organisation to be working with as past experience has not been good.  It is thought that a nationwide organisation was chosen to ensure best practice.  The chairman of the Upper Tay Paths Group met with DLC about 6 months ago but did not get any real answers.  It was agreed that local knowledge is essential.
  • Glen Lyon – no helipad is planned and no new structures.  DLC will be taking clients hunting and shooting in Glen Lyon.  PKC engaged on new track and planning permission required.  DLC plans to create a heritage orchard which suggests long term commitment to area.
  • Helicopters – DLC will not be providing a helicopter service, but some guests will want to arrive by helicopter.
  • Shop re-opening Easter 24.  Likely to focus on essentials such as bread, milk and newspapers.  No alcohol will be stocked.
  • Hotel likely to reopen 2026 with 24 rooms.
  • Public toilets due to open early 24.  The existing outflow into the loch will not be utilised.  Likely to connect to mains sewerage.  DLC will provide and maintain the toilets.
  • Beach Car Park – parking meter will be removed and replaced with a defibrillator.
  • Moness Spa and Hotel will continue to operate as is.  Currently operating at 50% occupancy.  Applied for change of use for 126 bedroom units to use as staff accommodation/short term lets.
  • Sewage – there have been some complications with the planning and approval has been delayed.  DLC has gone ahead with installation of the non-contentious elements but has made no work on the outfall before survey results are submitted. The installation is planned to well exceed SEPA requirements. 
  • Any questions raised by community eg. Track at Glen Lyon over to Schiehallion will be raised with DLC.
  1. Christmas in Kenmore

Initial meeting held early October and minutes circulated.  Date of next meeting to be agreed.

DLC will provide food/bar.  Live music is being organised.

There will be less lighting than last year as the junction boxes used for the loch side walk have for some unknown reason been pulled up.  No reindeer will be provided this year.

  1. AOCB

Roads – a new sub group has been created within KCC to handle road queries.  A follow up meeting is to be scheduled in the near future with Mike Williamson to progress topics including improving road safety at Taymouth Marina.

Tay Forest National Park – Xander McDade advised that a Consultation meeting will be held at Breadalbane Campus on 9th November.  When an area is designated as a National Park it being brings civil service jobs and investment to the area.  National government money is available which could be used to improve road safety/footpaths etc.  Kenmore previously decided against being part of a national park but this can now be reviewed again.


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