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Taymouth Castle Key Planning Applications/Notifications

The list of Taymouth Estate planning applications and notices is online at Perth And Kinross Council Planning Portal. Unfortunately, some documents relating to early applications do not seem to be available. A list of recent applications, and their status, is here.

Apr 2023. 23/00007/PAN | Erection of staff service/welfare building, office building, greenhouse, upgrade of public road access and upgrade to forestry track, parking with cycle storage, installation of biomass plant and associated ancillary buildings/works | Land 0.8KM North Of Newhall Estate

Feb 2023. 23/00236/FLL | Formation of pedestrian/cycle path, erection of fence, gates and associated landscaping works (in part retrospect) | Land 130 Metres North West Of Inchadney Park 

Nov 2022. 22/02099/FLL | Formation of vehicular access and alterations to boundary wall

Aug 2022. 22/01485/FLL | Erection of 6 estate properties and associated works (Zone D1) 

Aug 2022. 22/01487/FLL | Erection of 5 estate properties and associated works (Zone C1)

Aug 2022. 22/01486/FLL | Erection of 5 estate properties, a replacement estate property, 6 garages and associated works (Zone C4)

Aug 2022. 22/01484/FLL | Erection of 8 estate properties, 2 garages and associated works (Zone D2) Proposed Masterplan vs consented

Sept 2015. 15/01590/FLL | Modification of permission 11/00533/FLM (development of hotel, spa, estate properties and associated works) formation of 52 hotel suites, alterations and extensions.

March 2011. 11/00533/FLM | Erection of 71 estate properties, formation of spa facilities, erection of restaurant, erection of bridge, alterations to golf course and modification to existing consent (03/02250/PPLB) for change of house type of 89 estate properties, relocation of 14 estate properties, relocation and amendments of equestrian centre and golf clubhouse, revised proposals within the east wing of castle to form health and beauty spa and 14 apartment suites and formation of hotel suite and external lift access in west wing of castle. This included the approval of a total 163 new residential ‘estate properties’ across the site: 26 estate properties in the Castle Riverside area to the east and 4 to the west of Taymouth Castle); 53 estate properties in the Newhall area (including 2 conversions of the existing Newhall Cottages); 57 estate properties in the Sawmills and Dairy Byre area (including 4 conversions of the existing Dairy Byre, Sawmill/ Powerhouse cottages); 4 estate properties in the Tom Na Croich area next to the proposed new golf clubhouse; 23 estate properties in the Dairy area (including the conversion of the A listed Dairy). Consented Masterplan

Sept 2015. 15/01590/FLL | Modification of permission 11/00533/FLM (development of hotel, spa, estate properties and associated works) formation of 52 hotel suites, alterations and extensions.

Oct 2010. 10/00020/PAN | Amendments to existing consented development along with additional development to include revisions within the castle and other elements within the estate, equestrian centre and golf course. Further applications to include additional properties within estate, spa facilities and restaurant and amendments to existing planning conditions 4 and 5

Dec 2003. 03/02250/PPLB | Redevelopment of Taymouth Castle Estate to include restoration of Castle to form hotel, extension to incorporate 72 hotel suites, erection of spa within Newhall Kennels. Construction of 63 lodges and 26 new fractional ownership houses, conversion of existing buildings to form 7 fractional ownership houses, erection of 16 staff houses, erection of equestrian centre, infra structure and engineering works including sewage treatment works and associated landscaping and maintanence proposa

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