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Covering Kenmore, Acharn and immediate area

Taymouth Castle development - Related media stories and statements (some require subscription)

D Courier: 6 key questions answered after Taymouth tycoons’ latest controversial Perthshire purchase

Aberfeldy resort acquired as lodgings for Taymouth Castle workers

D Courier: Significant concern’ as controversial Taymouth tycoons buy Aberfeldy holiday resort

D Mail: This idyllic Scottish village is being turned into a billionaire's playground... The locals couldn't be happier!

Herald: rediscovering the delights of Highland Perthshire

FT: Who gets to keep the castle

Courier: Protest group accused of being front for ‘tide of nationalism, racism and xenophobia’

Daily Record: Taymouth Castle saga continues with 'no gated community' pledge

BBC Radio Drivetime: Split opinion over development (1:49 in)

BBC Online: Row over £300m redevelopment shatters peace

BBC GMS Radio: Row over £300m redevelopment shatters peace (50 minutes into prog) 

K&DCC Statement to The National newspaper

Scotsman: Kenmore’s Local Heroes want multi-million-pound plans to go ahead 

Sun: 'Scaremonger' Billionaires are taking over our village – nimby’s are trying to stop them but we WANT the development

D Courier: aymouth Castle chiefs reject ‘gated community’ claims as Protect Loch Tay petition passes 140k

Letter from DLC to John Swinney and Pete Wishart

D Courier: 'Taymouth Castle plans are costing us business’, says neighbouring Perthshire estate

P&K Council statement on Taymouth development planning issues

Times: Taymouth Protesters wrong says Magnus Linklater

Courier Opinion: Kenmore can fight its own battles

Tiny Scots Community Fights Back



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